Com.It.Es South Australia as the representative body of Italians abroad regularly meet with the patronati of South Australia to gain up to date feedback on the current level of services being provided to Italians living abroad and any issues they are encountering when dealing with INPS in Italy which is the social security body.

Based on our discussion Com.It.Es South Australia have made a formal submission to the International Manager of INPS Dott. Salvatore Ponticelli about the current issues that the patronati are facing when it comes to servicing the needs of the local Italians abroad living in SA.

We at Com.It.Es are committed to representing the Italian community of SA and have put forward these issues after a positive meeting with all four of the patronati of South Australia. We wish to thank Lucrezia, Iole, Angela and Vincenzo for their continual efforts and collaboration on putting these issues together in the hope to improve outcomes of the local Italians in SA.

Click here below to see the letter sent to INPS.

Lettera INPS Dec201