Following on from our previous letter and advocacy to the Federal Government in relation to Italian citizens receiving welfare assistance given the loss of many jobs and closure of many businesses. The Com.It.Es’ of Australia and the CGIE have also collectively written to the Minister of Immigration the Hon Alan Tudge asking to extend the visas of Italian citizens abroad now stuck in Australia given the travel bans. We also have identified issues relating to work commitments for the working holiday visa and other temporary work visas, and given that many are no longer able to work and may in fact breach their visa conditions we have asked that the Australian government give sympathetic treatment to these visa holders given the circumstances globally and allow them to remain lawfully in Australia.

We hope that the Australian government is able to attend to this issue and attend to undertake an overview of all visa streams to evaluate the impact of the current virus on jobs and livelihood.

To see our letter to the Immigration Minister please click here – Letter _Min. Immigration