As a part of our continual community engagement strategy, today Com.It,Es was fortunate to meet with Bene CEO Andrew McFarlane and Manager Alan Mitchell to hear of the amazing work being done to service the elderly Italian community here in SA.

Bene have created a brand new facility in Woodville to update the Padre Pio Centre, which will proudly serve the elderly. An important outcome from today is that Com.It.Es will assist Bene in the running of an Italian Language and Culture course for their aged carers.

Bene also in principle supported the move from the Italian Embassy to create an MoU to assist with taking in Italian speaking aged-carers and nurses to assist with the caring of the elderly Italian community. 

Com.It.Es SA wishes to thank Andrew and the team for meeting with us today, and to see the amazing work being done by such a professional team. We look forward to working together in the near future and supporting Bene in any way possible.