ComItEs South Australia and the local Italian community stand by our fellow Australians in this time of need. We pray for all those around Australia who have been affected by these terrible fires including our native wildlife who have suffered and lost so much. We applaud those brave men and women who at this very moment are risking their lives to stop these dreadful fires or are volunteering their expertise to assist all those humans and animals affected.

Italy is no doubt with Australia during this time of need!

For those who wish to assist in our beautiful state of South Australia the most effective way to help right now is to donate. Donate to help the relief of those people & animals in need, donate to help start the rebuild & to relieve the financial pressure of re-starting a life.

Donate to the Authentic Kangaroo Island Mayor’s Bush Fire Appeal. All money goes directly into the hands of the islanders who need it most. If you’re donating from outside Australia the swift code is SGBLAU2S.

Head to the kionline.com.au stall in the Adelaide Central Markets & donate to the #CFS volunteers who have risked their lives in the most ferocious fires & conditions they’ve seen. We are eternally thankful to them. While you’re there, buy the local products they sell. This money goes back into the businesses on the island.

Donate to the South Australian Veterinarian Emergency Management Fund who are a voluntary response agency to retrieve, assess, triage, shelter & care for animals of all species. #KI is known as our zoo without fences. The abundance of wildlife, habitats & ecosystems that have been affected is immense. Link: https://www.savem.org.au/about-savem/donate/

Donate to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park who are safe, but are taking in animals in need which is a costly effort. Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-save-kangaroo-islands-koala…
Our hearts go out to Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary – Kangaroo Island which has been lost. So many hearts have broken for the wildlife that called this home and the passionate people who dedicated their lives to them. 💔

Thank you from the bottom of South Australia’s big heart for the help you are giving. Please share this post if you can to help spread the message.

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