Com.It.Es South Australia in conjunction with the Com.It.Es’ around Australia and New Zealand and the CGIE have collectively written to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon Luigi Di Maio in relation to supporting Italian visa holders here in Australia who are not eligible to receive any Australian government financial assistance.

The Italian government have allocated funds to assist Italians abroad however there has been no allocation to Australian or New Zealand Italian’s in need. Therefore, after a national meeting with the Com.It.Es, CGIE, Ambassador and Italian Consuls, it was key that we advocated this message on behalf of our Italian citizens in our state’s affected by COVID19 to receive some of this allocated funding to assist local Italians currently living in Australia on a temporary visa.

For a copy of the letter please click here > Lettera al Min. Di Maio

Com.It.Es South Australia continues to work hard during these difficult times to advocate for the support and assistance of Italians abroad across all levels of government both in Australia and Italy.