Research in South Australia: A concise guide for newly arrived Italian researchers is a brief guide that aims to provide newly arrived Italian researchers in South Australia with a general, yet specific to the State, outline on where and how to research in South Australia, and more broadly Australia.

While in fact multiple aspects of the academia are internationally valid and applicable, the reader will notice throughout this guide that there are unique conventions and systems which apply to research in South Australia, and Australia as a whole. It is therefore hoped that this guide can bridge what is unique to the State’s academia with internationally valid academic notions.
This guide is aimed to researchers at all career levels: from students looking to embark on a Higher Degree by Research to early career and more experienced researchers. With this in mind, this guide aims to provide a brief overview of key scholarships to expand your education as well as how to apply for funding in South Australia. Prominent South Australian research centres, institutions, and universities are included to further assist the reader in finding the right place for them. Australian-specific details, from academic rankings to Universities’ field of strengths, as well as information on how to publish in Australia are also present.

Dr Christian Verdicchio President of Com.It.Es South Australia is excited about the project being launched.

“It is with great pleasure that Com.It.Es South Australia has partnered with ARIA to create this information guide for Italian academics and researchers wanting to call South Australia home. Since our initiation in 2015 Com.It.Es South Australia identified the key importance of Italy within the academic and research areas, and with the growing space sector industry and wave of Italian skilled migrants the future is bright for this South Australian and Italian relationship”.

“I would like to take this time to thank ARIA for the opportunity to partner in this important project and the support of the Consulate of Italy. Com.It.Es South Australia also wishes to acknowledge the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for funding this project”.

ARIA President Dr Ilaria Pagani President is thrilled to launch this important piece of information for its network or researchers and academics.

“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Com.It.Es South Australia on this important project. When I first moved to Australia, I had problems in understanding the research system and how grants work. At ARIA we are mostly migrants, and we are aware of the difficulties faced when starting a new chapter in life abroad. We hope that this guide could be useful for new arrivals in South Australia making this transition easier and full of opportunities. This guide will also be helpful for Italian-Australian who would like to have a career in research”

“We therefore wish to all new arrivals and to all new students who want to start a career in research a bright future rich of success”.

Finally, the Consul of Italy in South Australia Mr Adriano Stendardo strongly supported this joint initiative between Com.It.Es South Australia and ARIA.

“I wish to thank Com.It.Es. South Australia and ARIA for their strong support for this project. This guide represents an important asset to all Italian researchers and academics in guiding their new professional and private life in South Australia, a destination that offers exciting opportunities in many innovative and high-skilled fields.”

This guide is now available on the Com.It.Es South Australia and Consulate of Italy websites to download. Alternatively click below to download your copy on the new guide.

Please feel free to contact Com.It.Es South Australia at or ARIA at for future enquiries.